Straight Variations

Straight Variations

There are so many services offered by the salon that can help you achieve the look you want. For years, Japanese Straightening has allowed those with extreme curls or frizziness to have sleek permanently straight hair. But what if you like your curl but just need it to be more manageable or have it’s volume reduced? What if you want straight hair but want to keep the volume?

Now you have a say in how you want your hair to look. You’re not trapped in either a curly ‘do or the flat straight locks. You now have a choice! How is this accomplished?

With our multi-purpose Straight Variations.

Straight Variations:

Easier to Manage Hair

Choose the Look you Want

Straight Variations is in the chemical family of the Japanese Straightening

but provides more freedom.

It’s a two to three-step process. The first step “Thioglycolate” softens the bonds of the hair.

The second step may require a light blow dry for smoothness, if that’s the look you want or we can skip this step and go straight to the “oxidizer”  which puts the bonds back together. Straight Variations restructures the hair molecules to reduce frizz and curl volume, making the hair softer, smoother, shinier, with hair that is more manageable and moisture balanced.

Straight Variations is an alternative to formaldehyde smoothing systems, sodium hydroxide relaxers and other harsh chemical services. This is similar to a Thermal Reconditioning but without the tedious and time staking blow dry and flat iron work during a Thermal Recondition process.

  • Eliminates overlapping when doing a retouch. Helps the stylist to apply the best strength to the areas of the head that have uneven porosity or other chemicals present.

  • Does not burn.

  • Stylist can take their time applying the solution.

  • The shine and manageability is unbelievable.

  • Less time needed for styling.

  • Less product needed.

  • Hair will retain it’s elasticity

Unlike the Japanese Straightening, less time is needed, taking only 2-3 more, including styling. How often you come in to do your new growth depends on your look and how different your hair is from its natural texture.

It is safe to switch from the Straight Variation method to The New and Improved Gina Curl and the Thermal Reconditioning. Clients with relaxer won’t be able to obtain the full effect. Protection can be added to the ends while the chemical of the Straight Variation will be applied to new growth only.

After care of the Straight Variations is like receiving other chemical processes. This is an investment. Make sure to use high quality products and get treatments that ensure strength and moisture are constantly being injected where chemical processes can rob your hair of these essential components.

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