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The Gina Curl

Gina Rivera from Hair’s Talent in East Haven Connecticut has been doing the Japanese Straightening / Thermal Reconditioning on ALL textures of hair since 1999, even when it was told it could not be done on African American hair Texture. “Hair is Hair”. Although now the trend of switching from chemical to natural doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all! Gina decided she needed to come up with a new technique that can  satisfy these clients to able to choose the curl they are looking for, retain health & provide more manageability.Gina has been doing her original Gina Curl for over 20 years now. Many clients love the fact that it helped their hair to grow healthier. This technique worked out wonderful for years because these clients kept their hair short & didn’t care about retaining length. Now with more clients going natural & having longer hair,Gina needed to come up with another technique. She was concerned about overlapping chemical with the old Gina Curl. Back in September 2012, She created a new technique for the Gina Curl to overcome this obstacle,using the Japanese Straightening chemical & rodding with no chemical.(So no need to worry about to much tension) The results are beautiful and the hair is healthier as a result of not overlapping.When the client comes for a retouch Gina can apply the chemical only to the new growth & add protection to the ends. This eliminates any over lapping keeping the ends healthier. Clients are loving her new technique & are traveling from all over the USA to receive this service from Gina.

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Hair’s Talent is coming to San Antonio Texas

Hair’s Talent is Planning on Coming to San Antonio Texas!

After answering all the phone calls and email requests, Hair’s Talent is now taking Thermal Reconditioning / Japanese Straightening and The New And Improved Gina Curl on the road to Texas!

We were invited to come to Texas by a client who will be arranging dates and a location for us.

 Do you wish for smooth silky straight hair?? Looking for an alternative to relaxer? Something far less damaging? Are you just looking to relax your natural curl to make it easier to maintain? Or are you looking to loosen up your natural texture with loose soft curls or looser coils? Well, we have an answer!

We will conduct online consultations before coming and set you up for your appointment. As a new client, you will receive a consultation going over what your desired look is and your past hair history. We’ll go over any health issues that might be affecting your hair and design a personalized Hair Care Plan. To view exactly what this process is all about, look up our YouTube videos

Please email us if you or someone you know is interested.

If you are a stylist and you are interested in our specialized techniques, we will be willing to train you while doing these clients.


Hair’s Talent







Thermal Reconditioning / Japanese Straightening – a permanent chemical service that straightens your curls and waves and eliminates frizz. It gives your hair a sleek, shiny and silky feel.

Straight Variations– from the chemical family of the Japanese Straightening but provides more freedom. It is a permanent, retexturizing service that can reduce your curl up to 70%, smooth hair and eliminate frizz, bulk and weight. A healthy alternative to formaldehyde smoothing systems, sodium hydroxide relaxers and other harsh chemical services.

The New and Improved Gina Curl – is an alternative to formaldehyde smoothing systems, sodium hydroxide relaxers and other harsh chemical services, allowing you to have a soft curl pattern, looser coil or a natural wave. This is similar to a Thermal Reconditioning using the same products but requires a rod set instead of the use of blow dryer or flat iron during a Thermal Recondition process.

All 3 techniques

• Eliminates overlapping when doing a retouch .

• Helps the stylist to apply the best strength to the areas of the head that have uneven porosity or other chemicals present.

• Does not burn.

• Stylist can take their time applying the solution.

• The shine and manageability is unbelievable.

• Less time needed for styling.

• Less product needed

PPT Treatment – a 2-level molecular Protein treatment used to maintain the strength of your hair after any chemical service.